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Preparing your property for sale

Posted by Jodie Henderson on Aug 13, 2018 9:56:00 AM

If selling your property was an exam, scoring 100 per cent would bring the reward of less stress and more money. So what do you need to do to make sure you pass your exam with flying colours? Here are 6 simple things you can do to make a real difference to your property’s attractiveness for sale.

1. First impressions
Before a buyer steps foot into you home, make sure they like what they see from the street or from a photo posted on a real estate website. A few simple tips to achieve a better visual result include:

  • Add a new house number or letterbox.
  • High pressure hose the front verandah and front path (you can hire a machine locally).
  • Update the plants in the front garden and don't forget to mulch the garden.
  • Clean or paint the shutters, window frames and front door etc.
  • Brush away any dirt and cobwebs (the high pressure hose is good for this).
  • Tidy up any clutter in the front yard. Clutter turns buyers off because it makes it harder for them to envisage themselves living in the property (this includes removing your beloved Gnome!)

2. Don’t over capitalize on the renovations 

While a coat of paint or re-carpeting can help improve the value of your property, it’s never a good idea to spend considerable money on a major renovation that you may never get a return on.

Ways you can improve the presentation of your property without spending a lot of money include decluttering, cleaning windows, re-grouting bathroom tiles, adding plants to an outdoor space, fitting a new bench top or splash back in the kitchen, installing new taps or a decorative light fitting in the bathroom.

3. Don’t hide problems

When you cover up a problem rather than fix it, the risk is that when the buyer finds out, they will quickly become suspicious about other problems the house might have. Your best strategy is to either repair problems properly or declare them outright.

4. Don’t sell your home empty

Homes devoid of furniture often look smaller and less appealing. It’s hard for potential buyers to imagine themselves living in an empty home or their furniture fitting into the space.

Professionally styling your home for sale (also known as property staging) is a great option to consider, with anecdotal evidence suggesting it can help sell your property faster and for a better price.

5. Pricing your property
Over-pricing or under-pricing is a common mistake that occurs when property owners fail to do sufficient research about what buyers are looking for and what they are expecting to pay. Look at comparable sales in your area and use this data when you are discussing prices with your real estate agent. Check out or blog post on Five Research Tools the Experts Use.

6. Don’t get emotionally involved

Thinking with your heart, not your head, can often lead to hasty decisions when selling. As hard as it is, it is important to detach yourself emotionally and start viewing your home as though you were a potential buyer. Choose an experienced and reputable real estate agent and be prepared to take their advice on board and allow them to lead negotiations with potential buyers.

Contact Collins Home Loans to find out what lending options exist to help guide your way through the process of buying and selling.

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