Our core values

Established in 1992, Collins Home Loans has been successfully lending money since that time.  Since the deregulation of the banking industry in 1992, non-bank lenders such as ourselves have successfully challenged banking’s traditional way of doing business by improving competitiveness and the range of loan products.

At Collins Home Loans, we are committed to excellence in the delivery of our financial products and services, through the best relationship management outcomes for our clients and partners.

Our lenders

Collins Home Loans has access to hundreds of home loan products from an accredited panel of 30 lenders including Australia’s leading bank and non-bank lenders. We carefully select our panel of lenders to ensure that we can offer the best selection of products.  Whether you’re refinancing or considering an investment property, Collins will compare dozens of loans to find the right home loan to meet your financial goals.

We lend responsibly

Since July 1, 2010, ASIC has been tightening the lending criteria for all home loans and increasing the scrutiny under which home loans are offered. This is actually a good thing for you. It means it’s now our job to take even extra care to ensure that any home loan you take out is suitable for your circumstances and that you have the capacity to repay the loan without any hardship.

As a responsible lender will are required to undertake the following steps:

  1. make reasonable inquiries about your financial situation and your requirements and objectives;
  2. take reasonable steps to verify your financial circumstances; and
  3. make a preliminary assessment (as the Mortgage Broker ) or final assessment (as the credit provider) about whether the credit contract is suitable.

More information on the responsible lending conduct obligations of credit providers can be found here.

Our commitment to you

Enjoy our competitive pricing policy

Collins Home Loans is committed to delivering a pricing policy that substantially undercuts the competition while structuring the right loan package to suit your circumstances.

Comprehensive loan management solutions

We offer a personalised approach to your home loan management needs by providing you with your own Mortgage Lender. Direct telephone numbers and email are part of the package, to ensure that you won’t be kept waiting in queues and that you will connect to someone who understands your personal situation.

We also provide some of the most progressive and innovative options for managing your loan online, 24 hours a day. Our Internet management options are the best in the business, and are extremely easy to navigate; this ensures that you can manage your loan when it suits you.

Flexibility at low costs

As well as our competitive pricing policy, we are also committed to delivering flexible products in a way that suits your lifestyle. For example, you can choose a loan that gives you debit and credit card facilities through the Automatic Teller and EFTPOS networks or selects a loan with a simple redraw facility to access additional funds paid to your loan from time to time at a lower rate. Compare our rates to the competition’s, and discover that a competitive interest rate isn’t the only thing you will benefit from when you choose Collins.

Our fees

As a Mortgage Broker, we are paid directly by the lender for introducing the loan. In most circumstances, we will not charge a fee for our service. This may change if the loan is discharged/paid out within the first two years from the settlement date. Full disclosure of all fees and charges will be made when the loan is quoted for by the Mortgage Broker.

We’re firmly committed to:

  • Service culture, sound ethics, and teamwork
  • Exceeding client expectations
  • Establishing and maintaining the highest of professional standards
  • Being dependable, honest, reliable and responsive
  • Open communication.

Collins Home Loans is based in Melbourne but offers home loans right across Australia, both directly to the public and through all the major broker networks. Our company is a Member of the Mortgage & Finance Association of Australia (MFAA) and adheres to strict codes of conduct and responsible lending guidelines.