We negotiate the best rates with access to over 30 lenders!

At Collins, we offer a wide choice of lenders to cater for individual preferences. Our lenders - big or small - are chosen because of their compliance, product choice, access to funds and ease to deal.

Collins offers loans from:

  • Major banks.
  • Building societies, credit unions and regional banks.
  • Non-conforming lenders.
  • Specialist lenders.

Why such a wide choice?

Not all banks and lending institutions have the same lending criteria, which is why it is important to have a broad panel to choose from. This way, we are able to maximise your chances of getting your loan approved.

For example,  a smaller lender may approve your loan application faster. The lender may be able to provide a more direct line of approval. Some of the bigger banks operate off shore loan assessment facilities and as a mortgage broker trying to get loans approve, we regularly come up against delays and unnecessary loan declines due to communication and language issues.

Like all things, is is important to do your homework with regards to which loan is right for you. As a mortgage broker, we will do the research to make sure we find you the best loan to suit your current financial needs.

Some of our lenders are included below:

Columbus Capital 
Adelaide Bank 
Bank of Melbourne 
ME Bank
.....and many more, including specialist lenders.

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