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Home loan calculators

Make your budgeting and planning easier
with one of these handy home loan calculator.


Calculators to estimate
repayments for different loan terms

Loan repayments 

Choose between different repayments schedules - monthly, fortnightly or weekly payments. Calculate your regular minimum repayments. Click Here

How much can I borrow 

Calculate your borrowing power, so you know what you can afford. Serviceability does vary from from lender to lender, but at least this calculator will give you a good estimate. Click Here

Stamp duty 

Each state and territory has different ways of calculating stamp duty, so to avoid the confusion work out how much stamp duty you will need to pay in your postcode. Click Here

Loan comparison

Compare different loan products to find the best loan to suit your needs. You can even use this calculator to find out if refinancing to another home loan will save you money. Click Here

Off-set account

Linking an off-set account (with your salary and other income) to your mortgage can reduce your mortgage balance even more frequently. Calculate how much interest you can save by using an off-set account. Click Here

Extra repayments

Use this calculator to look at how much money you could save by making regular extra monthly repayments. Click Here

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