Collins Home Loans has access to a range of competitive insurance products with a range of specialists insurance providers that gives us access to unparalleled insurance deals.

You can access a range of insurance finance options, including home and contents insurance, business or landlord insurance as well as a full range of other insurance options. See below for further details on the specific insurance products available.

Home Insurance

Whether you’ve just bought your new home or have been a homeowner for years, it is important to make a smart choice to protect your most valuable asset. Our home insurance partners, can tailor a policy that covers you against events like fires, storms and earthquakes and includes contents insurance for items such as carpets, lighting, furniture, audio-visual equipment, clothing and tools. They can also extend your policy to include specific valuables for accidental loss, theft or damage away from home.

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Landlord Insurance

As a landlord, it is an absolute must for you to get insurance for your property. Landlord insurance is designed to give you peace of mind that your asset and rental income is protected. We can source cover that provides rental income in the case of a tenant defaulting on their rent, or cover for damage like fire, vandalism or malicious damage by tenants.

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Life Insurance

While it’s true that no one can put a price tag on human life, it pays to be prepared. Ensure that your loved ones would be well taken care of, no matter what happens. One of the greatest things you could ever do for them is to make sure that you relieve them from the burden of financial stress when you’re gone – a minor but nevertheless important consolation, and a gift that transcends your lifetime.

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