Business / Commercial Lending

With the majority of media and public attention on residential lending, commercial lending has often been overlooked as a viable `solution for many small to medium business owners.

The Australian economy is built on small business, with more than 2.1 million small to medium businesses operating Australia-wide. History tells us that our nation benefits from a flourishing small business sector. But access to a range of finance options has traditionally been an impediment to growth for many small businesses, primarily due to the restrictive commercial lending practices that have been in place in Australia.

Why is business / commercial lending different?

Unlike residential loans, commercial lending requies a more tailored response with pricing rarely set in stone. Finding the right lender for your commercial purchase requires a great deal of knowldge and understanding of the commercial lending. 

Collins Home Loans offers a suite of commercial lending products with a range of features and options tailored specifically for customers looking to borrow funds for a commercial ventures. Contact Collins Home Loans to discuss your next (or first) commercial venture. Collins Home Loans today.

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