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Our story 

Collins Home Loans is a division of the Collins Group of Companies, that has been providing financial services for individuals and businesses for over 20 years.  Collins Home Loans has helped thousands of Australians reach their financial goals by securing great quality home loans though its accredited mortgage lenders, who compare 30 lenders and hundreds of home loan products.

Collins Home Loans commenced operations in 1992 and has been prominent in the Australian mortgage market since that time and has originated and managed in excess of $4 Billion worth of loans. It has won numerous awards over the years for delivering targeted solutions to its customers.

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An industry leader

For over two decades, we have helped thousands of customers make informed decisions about which kind of loan best suits their needs. Whether you are looking to refinance, consolidate your loans, or take out investment loans; our brokers can guide you through each step to help you choose the right loan and direct you to the right lender.


We value relationships

Our greatest source of achievement is establishing rewarding relationships with our customers and helping them fulfill their dreams. We value personal service and our customers’ needs above anything else. That’s why we understand your need to call and speak directly with a real expert who has extensive knowledge about our products and services. Our personalised approach will ensure that you will get the best-structured loan across all areas of mortgage finance.


Security and competitiveness

Our company is 100% Australian-owned; we operate across Australia through a dedicated team of mortgage brokers. We pride ourselves on being able to source the most suitable loan for your particular circumstances, from over 30 AAA+ lenders. Collins Home Loans is also a member of the Mortgage & Finance Association of Australia (MFAA), and actively adheres to the MFAA Code of Practice.


Unparalleled flexibility

Our product range is the best in the business. We have access to the same retail functions offered by our banking rivals, at a fraction of the cost. Features such as credit card and debit card facilities, cheque book, off-set accounts and online account management facilities are all attached to your home loan. Our ability to offer these features, generally at no or little additional cost, sets us well apart from the rest.

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